Handheld Split Diopter by Film Fest Network

Introducing The Official Film Fest Network Handheld Split Diopter! Implement beautiful & creative visual FX to your shot with modern style.

  • 79mm Diopter – Perfect For Most Modern Lenses

  • Creates Blurry, Stylized Refraction FX

  • Immaculate Handle, easily hold in front of the lens to manipulate the effect

  • +2 Diopter Strength

  • Able To Mount To Lens, for classic Split Diopter Dual Plane Focus Effect



The handheld split diopter is an amazing tool to create double split focus shots in camera. This allows filmmakers to create lens distortions, reflections and creative blur effects to play with light and image and create gorgeous visual abstractions. More broadly, a split diopter is half convex glass that attaches in front of the camera’s main lens to make half the lens nearsighted. The lens can focus on a plane in the background and the diopter on a foreground. A split diopter does not create real deep focus, only the illusion of this. Though this is how a lot of famous, awe-inspiring shots achieve the look of two figures being in focus: one in the background and one in the foreground. 

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