Handheld Kaleidoscope Prism Filter

Introducing The Official Film Fest Network Handheld Kaleidoscope Prism Filter! Implement beautiful & creative visual FX to your shot with modern style.

  • 79mm Diameter – Perfect For Most Modern Lenses

  • Handcrafted Kaleidoscope Prism  – Designed to create blurred, stylized refraction FX

  • Immaculate Handle, easily hold in front of the lens to manipulate the effect

  • Made of high quality optical glass and hardware with strong wear-resistance
  • Able To Mount To Lens, for classic Split Diopter Dual Plane Focus Effect


The handheld kaleidoscope prism filter is an FX tool to achieve wild, distorted visuals in your video and photos. As a surprise prism accessories, it can create amazing refraction in a shot. With this glass prism filter, you can shoot constantly-changing, immensely interesting effects. The kaleidoscope multiplies subjects in creative ways and plays with light in all sorts of unexpected ways. The filter serves as an excellent accessory to music video shoots, because it adds incredible visual interest to shots that could otherwise be considered boring.

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